B.L.V.D Etiquette, which stands for Believers, Leaders, Visionaries, and Dreamers, is a creative collective filled with talented individuals who seek to unite other individuals relatively through various aspects of art.

In 2012, B.L.V.D Etiquette started just as a clothing line eventually branching off to photography, videography, music and art. While incorporating originality, they’ve managed to collide the culture of their hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana with their groundbreaking ideas and skills to breach the barriers of creativity and become something much more that just about anyone can relate to. We live by the idea of quality over quantity and are continuously expanding by curating events like #BoulevardFest to give artist a chance to showcase talent, while giving back to the kids simultaneously, making dope clothing articles, visuals, and music.

This collective is a reminder to everyone to go for what you believe in no matter how big or small the dream may be.

Gigsy; 2017-09-16; DomBLVD; 001

Dominique Smith

Ceo/Creative Director
Gigsy; 2017-09-16; DomBLVD; 019

Dominic Scott

Content Director/Photographer

Ken Blvd